Welcome! I have no idea what I’m doing!!

Welcome! From Resurrection Rags,
Are you looking for unique handmade one of a kind clothing with a romantic vintage flair?Maybe a custom made boho wedding dress from upcycled vintage?

My name is Charlotte I am from the sunny tropical paradise Miami Florida. I have been making clothing since I was about 10 years old, an interest cultivated at my grandmother’s knee. She was an amazing tailor, a seamstress, a quilter, and jewelry artist and she passed on many other handmade traditions to me, after surviving the great depression she was an expert at “making do”.
I am a mother of 2 handsome young men and I design and make all of the handmade items in my store, unless they are vintage of course. I do all the marketing and the hands on customer service. All items in my store are made from eco friendly salvaged vintage and usable, used or salvaged textiles. I don’t reconstruct any vintage before it’s time, if it is still useful and in tact I leave it in tact. I have sold previously at open air markets, festivals and concert venues in the 1980’s and 90’s, I am on Ebay as Resurrection Rags, on Etsy as ResurrectionRagsShop. Feel free to come back often or join my Resurrection Rags fan page on Facebook to keep up to date with my newest creations. You can also browse much of my past 10 years of work on my Flickr ¬†photostream.